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Workout #10 Chart as PDF-file

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Each technique as video clip

a   Tiptoe-skip
Intensity  3.5  Direction  <<

Jump on tiptoes with closed feet.

b   Run-step criss-cross
Intensity  5  Direction  >>

Lift legs as if running on spot while criss-crossing arms.

c   Crissfront-crossback hop
Intensity  3.5  Direction  >>

Do a side swing then cross with one arm in front and the other in back.

d   Butt-kick
Intensity  4  Direction  <<

Thrust heels to buttocks alternately.

e   Twister
Intensity  3  Direction  >>

Jump with closed feet while twisting hip from one side to other.

f   Squat-skip
Intensity  6  Direction  >>

Start by jumping with closed feet. With 3 jumps go down into squat. Stay there for 5-10 jumps then go up again.


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