In order to be as close as possible to my clients, I prefer to have no agents or middle man. This allows me to offer my products at better prices and be able to communicate with you as my customers directly and solve issues.

I started at around 1990 to develop my first jump ropes. The first jump rope I manufactured is here.

Yes, I am in the progress to do a video (or more) for each of my products and upload it to my Youtube channel.

The jump rope market got too crowded and manufacturing became too complex for a small series.
I also became much more in favor of the Ropejumprope because it really gives you the benefit of a full body workout in a short time almost anywhere. It also offers a great variety of different jumps.
I believe the duvide Ropejumprope is the jump rope for every one who likes to jump rope to have in their toolbox - not just another weighted rope.
I recently added the Loopjumprope to my line-up, which I think is really suited even for beginners.

If you need help with any of my products, old or new, please contact me and I will figure something out.
I prefer a photo too, please send an email to frank at duvi.de then!

It does not really affect me in order to stay in shape because I always preferred to be independent of any gyms or trainers. I just take my stuff to the park and work out undisturbed or I use my installed equipment at home.
I always felt that gyms are breeding grounds for all sorts of deseases anyway :)
It's bad for socialising, that's for sure.

That would be a tough one between jumping rope and cycling.

Wherever there is a postal service, I can ship to.

Yes, but I do rather not. If possible, I prefer direct bank transfers!

In order to have a fast loading site the images are kept small. But all product images are also in this Gallery (in alphabetical order).
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Demo room 29 May 2021
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