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a   Marshaller
Intensity  4  Direction  >>

Move stretched out arms up and down like signaling someone. Movement comes solely from shoulders.

b   Run-step
Intensity  3.5  Direction  <<

Lift legs as if running on spot.

c   Swing-change f/b w. half-turn
Intensity  4  Direction  ><

Jump forward, do a side-swing & pivot 180 degree. Now jumping backward 3 times. When the rope is swinging upwards, turn again 180 degree and continue jumping forward 3 times...

c   Knee-to-chest
Intensity  4.5  Direction  >>

Alternately pull one knee to chest with low intermediate jump inbetween.

e   Jog-trot
Intensity  2.5  Direction  <<

Jump from one foot to other only high enough to let the rope pass.

f   Tiptoe-skip criss-cross
Intensity  5  Direction  >>

Jump on tiptoes with closed feet while criss-crossing arms.


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