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Workout #5 Chart as PDF-file

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Each technique as video clip

a   Kick-step
Intensity  3  Direction  <<

Jump on each foot two times, every other jump swing for a kick.

b   Run-step
Intensity  3.5  Direction  >>

Lift legs as if running on spot.

c   Bell
Intensity  4  Direction  >>

Jump with closed feet back and forth.

d   Push-up jump
Intensity  4.5  Direction  >>

Do 3 closed feet jumps, bend forward in order to spread the rope flat on the ground. Get down for one push-up. Get up and continue jumping 3 times...

e   Slow-hop
Intensity  2  Direction  <<

Jump as slowly as possible with closed feet without intermediate jump.

f   Twister criss-cross
Intensity  5  Direction  >>

Jump with closed feet twisting hip from one side to other while criss-crossing arms.


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