duvide Jumpropes 2013

Durable Allround Jump Rope with Double Swivel

The duvide Generaljumprope (dG13) with its taped handles, double swivel, 8 mm PU middle section and handling carries most of the DNA of the duvi-skip Skipping Rope with what everything started at around 1993 in Bangkok.
The characteristic pull supports a reliable handling and is is also well suited for out-door use (e.g. in windy conditions).
The thick handles (ca. 28 mm) offer a firm grip for athletes with bigger hands.

Weight Adjustable Heavy Jump Ropes with Double Swivel

Weightjumprope M
Weightjumprope X
The duvide Weightjumpropes M (1.16 kg) & X (1.52 kg) have their horizontal swivel attached to a flexible steel cable joint. They combine a heavy rope with the handling of a free-style jump rope; double-unders and criss-crosses perform easily.
The handlebar tape wrapped handles have a solid metal core and the extra weights in the hoses (M: 2x3 pins / X: 2x5 pins) can be taken out. The length is also easily adjustable.

Fitness Jump rope with Wooden Handles & Double Swivel

The duvide Swiftjumprope is our entry-level & light-weight jump rope (weight 0.3 kg) with ergonomically formed vintage wooden handles and the standard duvide horizontal and vertical rope swivel.
It is good for speed jumping and can be adjusted to length in a few seconds. Parts can be replaced. It succeeds the dSR and dSQ.

Hands-free, Single-hand & 2-hands Jump Rope

The duvide Barjumprope offers four ways to jump: hands-free, single-hand, double-overhand and regular grip.
To use it without hands it needs to be strapped to the waist and rotated by hip movements (like the hula hoop, only vertical). This makes it a demanding core workout but also benefits the waistline. If used as a regular jump rope, it helps to develop upper body strength due to the strong pull of the weighted hoses, similar to a heavy jump rope.
It is also fun rope to play around with and test out new techniques never done before.

Agility Jump Rope with Long Handles & Double Swivel

The duvide Freestylejumprope with extra strong & long (16.5 cm) nylon handles (outside handlebar tape) offers the maximum variety of skipping techniques and is no stranger to speed workouts either.
The double swivel is more flexible and the new rubber hose is slightly stretchy and always smooth. The length can be adjusted in a few seconds.

Steel Cable Jump Rope with Extended Double Swivel

The duvide Cablejumprope is a special double-under and speed jump rope. It is optimized for speed by its low weight (0.27 kg), the steel cable's low air resistance and the extended double swivel bearing for more wrist acceleration. The wooden handles offer a safe and comfortable grip, especially when sweating.
The Cablejumprope's length needs to be ordered customized because it is not adjustable.

Heavy Rope with Swivels for Jumping & Swinging

The duvide Ropejumprope weighs only 0.65 kg but the strong pull of the 1" Manila rope middle-section works extremely on the upper body, more than any other jump rope does.
The rope is held by fitting the hands into left & right handle loops to support the grip which also act as extension of the forearms.
Unique swivel-joints avoid the Manila rope twisting itself up, it always stays in an even curve. The individual length can be adjusted on the fly by a loop and buckle system which connect the Manila and the handle loops.
To jump with the Ropejumprope almost feels like jumping in slow-motion, this makes it easier to practice advanced techniques and train body coordination.
Apart from using it as a versatile jump rope for whole body workouts, it can also be used for pure swinging movements, especially building core & shoulder strength & flexibility, comparable to Indian clubs.

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