3-layered Rope Jumping & Exercise Mat

    To order, please contact us for a quotation including shipping costs. Please mention the destination country.

    The mat is also useful for rolling with the Massagepipe for self-massage.

    Skippingmat benefits:
    • Provides a durable & foot-sure surface
    • Does not get slippery when sweating
    • Absorbs shock to avoid micro-traumatic injuries without being bouncy
    • Is big enough to do most of our skipping techniques
    • Lies flat on the ground without corrugation
    • Does not move at all during skipping
    • Protects the floor beneath

    Each Skippingmat is hand-layered using composite materials:

    • Top layer of felt for professional use
    • Center layer of soft foam rubber
    • Bottom layer of skid-proof solid rubber