Heavy Rope with Swivels for Jumping & Swinging

    The duvide Ropejumprope weighs only 0.65 kg but the strong pull of the 1" Manila rope middle-section works extremely on the upper body, more than any other jump rope does.
    The rope is held by fitting the hands into left & right handle loops to support the grip which also act as extension of the forearms.
    Unique swivel-joints avoid the Manila rope twisting itself up, it always stays in an even curve. The individual length can be adjusted on the fly by a loop and buckle system which connect the Manila and the handle loops.
    To jump with the Ropejumprope almost feels like jumping in slow-motion, this makes it easier to practice advanced techniques and train body coordination.
    Apart from using it as a versatile jump rope for whole body workouts, it can also be used for pure swinging movements, especially building core & shoulder strength & flexibility, comparable to Indian clubs.
    fit into hand loops ropejumprope