Pullpushrope Training

    Pullpushrope Workouts (pdf)

    Every duvide Pullpushrope workout is designed for a full body exercise.
    Each of the six programs incorporates exercises for legs, the core and upper body. No technique appears twice and each program is evenly balanced with no priority for certain muscle groups. The 36 (6x6) different movements are enough to guarantee that your workout does not become a routine where you just go through the motions with no results. Each program becomes a challenge every time you do it.

    The principle of the programs is interval training and HIIT. Each exercise is done for 1 minute with a 30 second break. (It is also possible to do repetitions e.g. the "suspended incline push" is hard to do for one minute, so try to do 5-10 on each leg.) If the exercise is a single side exercise then you have to change sides after 25 seconds.
    You should do 2-4 cycles (after each cycle we recommend a rest for 90 seconds). To time the intervals we offer the Skiptimer.
    If you do a session with 3 cycles, your training can be finished in less than 30 minutes. We like it short and intense for maximum results and no time wasted.