The duvide Pullpushrope lets you perform a wide range of suspension training and body-weight exercises especially regarding to strength and flexibility, complementing our cardio and endurance heavy duvide functional training stuff.
    You will be surprised at the number of super effective exercises you can do without being forced to attend classes or to watch endless DVDs to become fitter and stronger without risking injury!
    Leg & Lower
    Body Exercises
    Core & Upper
    Body Exercises
    Suspended Core &
    Strength Exercises
    Flexibility &
    Mobility Stretching

    We explain the basic principles of Pullpushrope Training and introduce about 60 techniques here.
    Currently we are working on tutorial videos and easy to follow workouts for high intensity interval training. All will be available for download here soon for free, maximizing your time with efficient training.
    During the development of the Pullpushrope we focused on functionality and simplicity in order to be able to offer a product which is easy to set up and intuitive to use. We required only basic adjustability, little weight and even less clutter to be able to take it anywhere we go or to just leave it hanging, only to be noticed when needed.
    The Pullpushrope is available to order (scroll down to order now) in two sizes:
    • M Size for anchor point height ranging from 180 cm to 210 cm (without extension loop)
    • L Size for anchor point height ranging from 210 cm to 240 cm (without extension loop)
    The Pullpushrope consists of three parts:
    • Anchor loops (out 70 cm & ins 7 cm) • Manila rope (M 120 cm / L 150 cm) • Detachable loop-end (ca. 40 cm)
    Included accessories are: • Extension loop (70 cm) • Carabiner (8 mm) • U-Anchor (10 mm)
    The length of the Pullpushrope can be changed by combining the short (orange) inner anchor loop with the long (black) outer anchor loop (with or without the carabiner). If the extension loop is also attached, even more options are possible...

    The Pullpushrope is hand-made from natural Manila rope and industrial-grade nylon webbing ensuring smooth handling and durability.

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