For lifting, swinging, carrying, grappling, dropping, throwing, loading, etc.
Made of heavy duty fiber re-enforced PVC hose and filled with iron chad.
Can also be ordered without content for self fill (use your old screw box content).
Grapplebag M (12 kg) 20 cm x 40 cm Grapplebag L (20 kg) 24 cm x 48 cm
Order 1 duvide Grapplebag (only unloaded version)
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Grapplebag Exercises (with Grapplebag M 12 kg)
Overhead lift with drop
Frontal Swing
Swing sideways
Back extension
Overhead hip-drop
Single-arm shrug
Biceps curl
Backhand rowing
Military press
Single-arm triceps press
Single-arm balance press
Shoulder - Carry - Drop
Overhead throw-down
Push bag over overhead obstacle
Toss in the air - no-catch
Pass bag through legs
Squat w. bag in back
Single-leg squat w. bag at chest
Hip raise w. feet on bag
Fist push-up on bag
Push-up w. feet on bag
Balance plank
Calf & leg stretch