Extra Body-weight (7.5/12 kg) While Keeping Full Agility

    The duvide Bodyload is a compact weight-vest suited for body-weight training, running (esp. up-hill and stairs), climbing, cycling, grappling, etc. Of course it is also good for jumping rope.
    There is no pounding of weights because the weight of the Bodyload is balanced between front and back and above the body's center of gravity.
    The super tough fabric re-enforced weight compartments (filled with iron chad or lead shot) are flexible and to an extend will fit to form.
    The lashing system (no buckles, no Velcro!) is tight but allows breathing room.
    You also sweat less than in conventional vests due to the open strap design and less contact surface with the body.

    The Bodyload is available empty to fill by yourself or already filled with steel chad: 7.5 kg or with lead shot: 12.0 kg.
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    Lashing up of Bodyload - Step by step